Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In the winter time I have a lot of ice/frost build-up on the inside of my windows, is this normal?

A: Frost/Ice build-up on the inside of your windows (that you can touch) in the winter time is normal. This is due to the extreme temperature and humidity differences from the inside of your house in comparison to the outside. This situation can be exacerbated by window coverings that are kept closed or if the window is in an area that does not get as much airflow. Additionally, the style of window can be a contributing factor as well, Bay, Bow and Garden Windows are more susceptible to this condition as they hang on the outside of the home. In order to mitigate any damage to the surrounding trim be sure to clean/wipe up the frost as soon as possible, also if window coverings are used make sure that they are left open throughout the day to prevent air from being trapped.

Q: I noticed that one of my windows has a crack in it, is this covered under warranty?

A: Stress cracks in windows are covered for the first 24 months from the original installation date; this allows any settling in the home or from installation to occur. Often cracks are caused by extreme ambient air temperature or humidity conditions, as this is considered an environmental or outside influence this is not a warrantable matter. Additionally, if something has hit the window (rock, bird, BB gun, etc…) those are non-warrantable situations. Please contact the service department for further information.

Q: I have a film or moisture in between the panes that I cannot clean off, what do I do?

A: If there is dirt, moisture or other debris between the two panes, this may be indicative of a failed seal, allowing outside air to penetrate between the panes. If you suspect this of happening it is best to contact Wellington Home Improvement’s service department.

Q: I have noticed evidence of water coming inside my home from around the windows, what should I do, and is this covered under my warranty?

A: Make sure to inspect all the caulking on the exterior of your windows. Over time caulking will need to be maintained and if it is cracking or peeling can cause water intrusion. If the caulking is the source, this is considered a maintenance issue and any subsequent damage or repair is not covered under the terms of the warranty. Please contact our service department with additional questions or concerns regarding this issue.

Q: I have weather stripping that is falling off or coming out from where it is supposed to be, how can I get this fixed?

A: Weather stripping (both black and white) that has broken off, or loosened up can often times be easily replaced. Depending on when the windows were installed this may be covered under the warranty. Please contact the service department if you are experiencing this issue.

Q: What does my warranty cover?

A: Depending on when your windows were installed your limited lifetime warranty will cover most products at 100% for the first 20 years and coverage beyond 20 years is pro-rated against defects in workmanship or material only. Labor for warranty repairs is covered for the first 36 months. Please note that failures caused by outside influences are not considered a warranty matter. Please contact our service department for further information.

Q: What should I use to clean my windows?

A: For the glass, any standard non-streaking glass cleaner will suffice (Windex or similar), avoid any cleaning compounds that have harsh abrasives. For vinyl, use mild household general purpose cleansers that are non-abrasive. Avoid using any products that contain bleach. Often time a mild mixture of water/vinegar is sufficient to maintain vinyl surfaces.