Three Things to Consider When it Comes to Replacement Windows and Doors in Mequon, WI

Has the topic of replacement windows or doors come up in your Mequon home? If so, then you may be wondering where to start. When you don’t have a great need to shop for a particular item, it can leave a lot of unanswered questions in your mind. Fortunately, you’ve found the right web page to begin your quest to get the best replacement windows, doors, or both for your home.

We’re going to keep this information somewhat generic, so that it can apply to both windows and doors. While there are certainly a few key differences between the two, there are many similarities about which you should consider.

Understand the importance of windows and doors for your home.

Not enough of us truly appreciate the windows and doors that we have in our home. We might not appreciate them because, to be honest, we don’t think about them enough. They are there, we open and close them, and that’s it.

However, the windows and doors in your home are the gateways to the world outside. Obviously, we walk through the doors in our home to go where we want or need to go, and the windows allow light from the outside to get in. That might be important when you want to warm up your home, or when you want to enjoy a more open and comfortable atmosphere within your home.

Yet windows and doors are also important for another very good reason. More energy in your home is lost through those windows and doors than through any other part of your home. More than 40 percent of your heat during the winter or cool air during the summer will be lost when you have old, outdated, and drafty windows.

When you’re shopping for new windows and doors, make sure that you take this investment opportunity seriously. That means you should find out everything that you can about potential new windows or doors for your Mequon home.

You may want to invest more money on certain windows to ensure that you save the most money on your heating bill next winter. You may prefer to have windows that will minimize the amount of heat that gets through with the sunlight during the summer.

There are plenty of options and when you are aware of the potential long term energy savings involved with new windows in your home, you’re going to spend more time and be willing to make the right investment in them.


Windows should last for about 20 years, but that will all depend on a number of factors. If you try and save money right now by choosing less expensive windows, then they won’t last nearly as long. It’s the same with many products that we tend to buy. The cheaper they are, the cheaper they’re made.

That’s a general rule of thumb, but it seems to make perfect sense when you’re talking about windows and doors. Just think about the last time that you purchased something and tried to save as much money as you could on it. Maybe it was a TV, maybe it was a dishwasher. No matter what it was, did you expect that it would be of the same quality as a more expensive, maybe recognizable name brand?

You should have assumed that because that’s just not going to be the case. In reality, when you choose products based on price, and when you constantly search for the cheapest price you can find, you’re going to end up with products that are lower quality and that don’t offer you the same features, options, or durability.

When it comes to your new windows, when you focus on cheaper windows, you’re going to end up with less durability. They simply won’t stand up to the test of time like higher quality windows will.

How could that matter? The longer that you own your home, the less you’re going to want to have to worry about window replacement. You want to purchase windows today and know that they are still going to be energy efficient, and looking for ten, fifteen, and even twenty years from now, right?

If so, then choose windows and doors that are made from better quality materials, that are manufactured to exacting standards so that they are more durable.


Windows might seem like nothing more than glass that you can see through, but modern windows will offer a number of options and features. You should have a pretty good idea whether you’re satisfied with the windows (the style of window) that you have in each room of your home suits what you prefer.

For example, if your have a picture window in the living room and like the open feel of that room as a result, then you’ll likely want to consider a new, replacement picture window. But what if you’d rather keep it less open? Maybe the living room now looks out onto a construction site. You don’t want to have a clear view of that any longer. Then you might be more content with a couple of double hung windows instead, covering up the picture window portion of the wall.

Most modern windows also provide you with an opportunity to clean the outside glass from inside the home (most common with double hung windows).

Having the features that will be most convenient will allow you to spend less time struggling to maintain them and that will lead to you wanting to take care of them more often as a result.

How can you find everything you’re looking for with replacement windows and doors?

There are plenty of companies to choose from, but if you want the best, when you want experience, and when you want to choose the exact windows that you want in your home, with the features you desire, and you’d like them manufactured close to home, call on Wellington Home Improvements. We have our own manufacturing facility so that you can get custom made windows to your precise specifications.