Replacement Windows and Doors for Your Oak Creek, WI Home

You noticed that it was time to replace the windows in your home more than a year ago, but you couldn’t justify the cost at that time. You managed to survive another long, brutally cold winter this year in your Oak Creek home, but you paid a hefty price for it. The amount of money that you spent to heat your home this winter has made you realize that it’s time to do what you can to ensure that you don’t spend that much ever again.

And that has led you to begin talking about replacement windows with your family once again. You know that in order to replace all of the windows, and maybe even the doors, in your Oak Creek home, it’s going to cost at least several thousand dollars. That’s an expense that you just don’t want to think about, but you know that it can’t be avoided any longer.

Your first decision with regard to replacement windows.

The first thing that you decide with regard to your new replacement windows will be what? If you’re worried about the expense of these windows, then you’re going to first try to find the cheapest windows that you can find.

That’s a common mistake that many homeowners make when they begin looking into replacement windows for their home. They focus on the cost first and foremost.

Why would this be a mistake? To be honest, when you set out to find something that you want or need and you want to save as much money as possible on it, then how do you begin your shopping excursion? You begin by looking for the cheapest products that you can find.

You’re not focused on quality. You’re not worried about durability. You’re concerned only with getting what you need at the lowest price possible.

Let’s talk for a moment about television sets. Today, you can get a relatively large flat screen TV, 42-inches, for about $400. That’s not a bad price, is it? But you want something bigger. After all, if you’re going to be able to enjoy the next baseball, hockey, or football game on in style, then 42-inches isn’t going to be enough. You want a 70-inch. Yeah, that will get the neighbors talking and all those guys are going to want to be at your house next year for the Super Bowl.

However, you want this larger unit, but you don’t want to spend a fortune for it. You find one that is listed for $700 on sale. You head down to the store that carries it to see if it’s going to be fine for your home. You assume that it is because the picture looks pretty darn good. You spend the money, plus tax, along with the wall mount, and you get it home and you’re all excited about this new entertainment addition to your home.

You could have easily spent $2,000 on a higher quality 70-inch monster, but you just wanted to size and besides, it looked fine in the store. You set it up and invite all of your friends over to watch the next game. They’re excited and they see that size on the wall and they can’t wait for the game to start.

The following week, another friend invites you over to his house for the game. You don’t want to go because you have this new one and it’s fine. However, your friends all call you up at the beginning of the game while you’re alone and tell you that you just have to come over and see this TV. So you run down the street and see that your friend bought the 70-inch $2,000 high definition TV from the major brand and the picture quality is unreal. You know in that moment that there is a major difference between the cheap one you got and the higher quality one that your friend has.

Where do you think all your friends are going to be hanging out on game day from now on? But hey, you got the TV you wanted, right? You got the size you wanted and it was cheaper and good enough, so what’s wrong with that?

When it comes to windows, you’ll find the same issue when your try to find the cheapest ones that you can find. Cheap windows won’t offer you much beyond the basics. Sure, they may look good enough, but when you have them installed, you’re going to notice the difference, especially when you visit your neighbor who just invested in high quality windows.

At Wellington Home Improvements, we have seen far too many homeowners make that casual and common mistake of choosing the cheaper windows and then be disappointed with the way that they look in their home.

It’s tempting to want to save money, especially when you are looking at thousands of dollars for replacement windows. The issue that arises in the aftermath, though, is that you’re not going to gain the benefits that you might have hoped to originally when you began shopping for those windows.

New windows, replacement windows that are of a high quality can actually increase the value of your home. They can also save you a lot of money on your home heating bills throughout the year.

Trying to save a few dollars here and there on your windows is one of the most common, yet most dangerous mistakes that you can make when choosing replacement windows. Avoid that mistake by first talking to knowledgeable professionals about the different options that are available for you with regard to replacement windows.

At Wellington Home Improvements, we have been helping homeowners just like you for years understand the different windows and options that are available, and to provide honest information that will help you make the right decision for your home, your family, and your budget.

Call us when you know that it’s time for replacement windows or doors for your Oak Creek home.