Muskego, WI Replacement Windows and Doors

Replacement windows is generally something that homeowners don’t want to think about. They don’t want to consider just how much it could cost them to get new windows, or to even replace their entry doors. The truth is, however, that every homeowner, if they live in that house for at least ten to fifteen years, is going to need to think about replacement windows and doors at least once.

First, let’s talk about the doors. Your front door is one of the most important doors in your entire home. You want it to be solid, strong, yet inviting. You don’t want to have a door that is old, worn out, and looks like it’s been through the war, or that it can back as a casualty of war.

Yet that’s exactly what so many front doors look like. That’s because they also take a great deal of abuse. Just think about the last time that you came home through the front door. Maybe you come home through a side door by the driveway or the back door. If you come through the front door, if you bring groceries and other items in, then what kind of abuse does that front door take?

Most of us have a tendency to kick the front door open when we have our arms full of things that we’re trying to bring in. Then you might kick it closed. How about when someone comes to the door? Maybe it’s the UPS delivery person or a Jehovah’s Witness trying to sell you on their religion. Maybe it’s a friend of your son. You open and close that door many times. Sometimes you slam it shut to hard. Over time, the wood around the frame and even the hinges and integrity of that door is going to weaken. When that happens, you’re going to have a weaker door.

That’s when it’s time to consider replacing it.

The doors and windows together.

Now, when you take just the exterior doors in your home into consideration, how many do you have? You have a front door. What about a back door? Any side doors? If you have attached garage then you should consider that door leading into your home to be an exterior door as well, because the garage is going to be about the same temperature as the rest of the outside world.

So maybe you have about three doors that lead into your home. Those are three important focal points with regard to energy loss. The windows and doors in your home combine to account for more than 40 percent of heat loss during the winter. The worse your windows are, or the worse that your doors are, the higher that number will grow.

That can equal a lot of money. Just consider the average three bedroom home in Muskego. During this past winter, if you rely on home heating oil (which is essentially the same as diesel fuel for your car), then you might have spent about two thousand dollars on oil for the entire winter season. That’s to heat your home.

Now, if you think about heat loss, if you were to shut off the furnace (or if you lost power during a major winter storm) what happens to the heat in your home? It gradually diminishes until your home is about the same temperature as the outside world. When it’s below zero, that can be life threatening.

What if it takes three hours for your home to reach the same temperature that it is outside. Now, imagine that more than 40 percent of the heat loss was due to poor windows and doors. What if you could increase the efficiency of all of your windows and doors by 80 percent of more? Then you might only lose 10 percent through those ports in your home. That could save you hundreds of dollars every month, on average, throughout the year on your heating and cooling expenses.

Now, back to those doors. There are a couple of main factors to consider with them. First, you want security. You want a door that is going to be solid, that someone won’t be able to easily break down. You also want to have the proper insulation. Some doors are going to be less expensive, and that’s mostly due to the fact that they aren’t well insulated.

When you want the best insulation and you want a solid door with security mechanisms, or the opportunity to add strong locks, then you should plan to invest more in your front or back doors.

What about those windows?

When it comes to windows, there are several options that you can choose from as far as security is concerned. Don’t worry about the glass; unless you buy hurricane windows, which are a lot more money, then a rock, fist, or bat could break the glass and if someone wants to get into the home easily, they’re going to be able to.

What you should focus more on when it comes to windows in your home is style and energy efficiency. You want the windows to be suited to their purpose. If you don’t open the windows in the living room for various reasons, then having double hung windows might not be ideal. How about a nice picture window? Or you could choose a bay window with a couple of casement windows overhead in case you want to have fresh air moving through the room.

Focus on windows that are sealed with either argon or krypton gas. These windows will help you save money on your energy bills, as noted earlier.

Find the right help.

When you’re thinking about getting replacement windows or doors (or both) for your Muskego home, make sure that you get the right help. That means you should have a company that knows everything there is to know about replacement windows and doors.

If that sounds ideal for you, contact the experts at Wellington Home Improvements. Not only do we sell every type of window that you might want for your home, we also manufacture them right here, close to your home.